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The R.R.A Program

 Why the R.R.A Program?

Inside the R.R.A Program you'll answer these 5 five questions critical to establishing clarity and finding the most effective path for you to reach trading success.

Question 1: What type of trader best fits my personality, lifestyle, and goals?

Question 2: What type of trading system best fits my personality, lifestyle and goals?

Question 3: What problems contribute to failure in trading?

Question 4: How do I resolve or avoid these problems so I can become successful?

Question 5: How do I find the best mentor and program to take me to being a successful trader?

Most traders come into this industry with curiosity to explore the endless amounts of information rather than getting clarity on where they should focus their attention that provides the least amount of resistance.

As such, they get trapped in information purgatory...

Spinning their wheels absorbing information and taking inconsistent actions.

This is a recipe for failure and contributes to 95% of traders failing, but the solution is simple...

Get clarity on where you need to go that provides the least amount of resistance to you and then find the vehicle that will take you there.

The R.R.A program guides you through this process.

 <<< Course Breakdown >>>

  • Lesson 1 (5 mins): The Umbrella Problem

  • Lesson 2 (8 mins): The Misalignment

  • ​Lesson 3 (7 mins): Problem Solving With Expert Tactics

  • ​Lesson 4 (13 mins): Problem Solving With Expert Tactics Pt.2

  • ​Lesson  5 (3 mins): Three North Stars

  • Lesson 6 (7 mins): Accelerate Your Path

  • ​Lesson  7 (2 mins): Three Essential Trading Tools

  • Lesson  8 (19 mins): The Best Charting Software

  • ​Lesson 9 (15 mins): The Best Trading Journal

  • ​Lesson 10 ( 25 mins): Best Crypto Exchanges To Use & Protecting Your Money

  • Lesson 11 (5 mins): How To Not Lose Money Learning

  • Lesson 12 (15 mins): Deciding Your Trading Type, Style & Market

  • Lesson 13 (11 mins): Choosing A Mentor & Program

**Total time commitment: 2 hours and 15 minutes (135 mins)

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Free Bonus #1

Blueprint To Successful Trading
($15 Value)

Everything is simpler when you have a blueprint to follow. This the blueprint Schyler followed and countless other students that drastically saved time and kept them focused on what matters most.

Free Bonus #2

Success Flow Chart
($7 Value)

The NWT Success Flow Chart steps into the big picture steps needed to become a successful trader. This was created to take with you on your path moving forward. Stay focused on these steps to reach successful trading in the most efficient way possible.

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